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SAP Financials

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In the field of financials, we will support you in the following SAP modules:

  • SAP FI: Financial Accounting 

• FI-GL: General Ledger Accounting,

• FI-AP: Accounts Payable,

• FI-AR: Accounts Receivable,

• FI-BL: Bank Accounting,

• FI-AA: Asset Accounting,

FI-TV: Travel Management

  • SAP CO: Controlling

• CO-OM-CEL: Cost Element Accounting,

• CO-OM-CCA: Cost Center Accounting,

• CO-PC: Product Costing,

• CO-PA: Profitability Analysis

  • SAP EC: Enterprise Controlling

• EC-PCA: Profit Center Accounting

  • SAP IM: Investment Management
  • SAP PS: Project System
  • SAP RE: Real Estate Management
  • SAP PSM-FM: Funds Management 
  • SAP TR: Treasury